How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners

How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners

How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners? This question will probably be in the mind of all the people who are interested in Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners.

So I thought why should I tell you about the Best way How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners of US, then let’s know about such Best way to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners, then what is the delay, let’s start.

This tutorial reveals how to Draw a cute anime vampire Girl in sixteen steps. It additionally features a few variations of facial expressions and hair coloration that you could be wish to use with such a personality.

Anime vampire Girl drawing step-by-step

Feminine anime vampires (particularly if they’re one of many foremost characters) are usually drawn extra cute than scary. This tutorial will present how one can draw such a personality. One that’s not notably intimidating however has only a tiny trace of an aggressive/mischievous look. It’s going to additionally present how one can add some primary equipment that may assist present that she’s a vampire.

Whereas this tutorial makes use of petty a lot the identical drawing method as many different right here on HowTo draw a easy the proportions of this character are barely totally different. If you wish to have a really related look make sure to go over all the steps rigorously.

If drawing utilizing pencil and paper make sure to begin with very gentle traces as you will want to do some erasing in between totally different steps. You may darken your traces later.

Additionally please observe that as already talked about the tutorial gives some various facial expressions that aren’t proven within the preliminary step-by-step preview. There may be an instance with the enamel/fangs exhibiting (that are so attribute of a vampire). You may see these on the finish after step 16.

Step 1 — Draw the Higher A part of the Head

Anime vampire Girl head high drawing

Start the drawing by making a vertical line by means of the center of your drawing space. This line may help you insure that each halves of the pinnacle/faces are of even width. Afterwards add a light-weight oval (virtually a circle) to symbolize the highest of the pinnacle. Place this close to the higher a part of the vertical line.

Step 2 — Draw the Decrease A part of the Head

Anime vampire Girl head backside drawing

Taking place from the circle add the decrease a part of the pinnacle. To make the character look extra cute make this pretty small in relation to the higher a part of the pinnacle and never very tall.

As you’ll be able to see within the above instance you’ll be able to draw either side by first making a straight downwards line that’s angled in the direction of the center of the pinnacle adopted by a curve and one other line that’s angled even additional in the direction of the middle. Either side must be joined on the backside with the small curve of the chin.

Step 3 — Draw the Neck & Shoulders

Anime vampire Girl neck drawing

Taking place from the pinnacle add the neck adopted by the higher a part of the shoulders. Preserve the neck pretty slender and the shoulder pretty small in relation to the pinnacle.

Step 4 — Place the Eyes

Anime vampire Girl eyes drawing

To place the eyes divide the face in half horizontally and place them with their high finish barely under the midway mark. There is no such thing as a one set place for the underside a part of the eyes. This may depend upon how tall you wan them to be.

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Usually you wish to area the eyes far sufficient aside you can match a third eye in between them. On this case you continue to wish to preserve the spacing pretty near that however make it only a tiny bit narrower (lower than the complete width of 1 eye).

In the case of the outer shapes of the eyes make them pretty tall with their internal ends angled downwards. Draw the irises pretty small with their high ends coated by the highest eyelashes and place them nearer to the internal ends of the eyes than the outer ends.

These sort of eyes will assist give the character a barely fixated/aggressive look as talked about earlier.

Step 5 — Add the Eyebrows

Anime vampire Girl eyebrows drawing

Place the eyebrows in order that the area between them and the higher a part of the eyes is barely lower than the general top of a watch.

Draw the eyebrows these pretty brief with thicker internal ends and angle them downwards in the direction of the middle of the pinnacle.

For this specific character this will likely be pure/relaxed place of the eyebrows. Making them angled barely downwards will once more contribute to her barely aggressive look. It’s going to additionally make her look a extra assured.

Step 6 — Place the Nostril

Anime vampire Girl nostril drawing

Place the nostril with it’s backside situated on the similar horizontal level as the underside of the ears (between the higher a part of the eyes and the underside of the chin).

On this case the nostril will likely be drawn as a little bit of a water drop form. However you’ll be able to even draw it as just about only a dot (as is so frequent in anime).

Step 7 — Place the Mouth

Anime vampire Girl mouth drawing

Place the mouth simply barely above the midway level between the underside of the nostril and the underside of the chin. Draw it pretty broad and with a light-weight curve to create a little bit of a smile.

The mix of the marginally critical aggressive/assured eyes and the flippantly smiling mouth will give this character a little bit of a playful “I’m going to get you look”.

Step 8 — Place the Ears

Anime vampire Girl ears drawing

For this specific character the ears will likely be positioned barely in another way than is really helpful in most different tutorials right here on the location.

Additionally please observe that within the ultimate drawing the ears will likely be totally coated by the hair so you don’t essentially want so as to add them. Nevertheless the reason of drawing them remains to be offered in case you wish to draw this character with a unique coiffure.

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To position the ears you’ll be able to draw a pair of curved traces that contact on the higher components of the eyes and the nostril as proven within the instance above. These ought to place the ears with their higher ends barely under the underside ends barely under the nostril. On the similar time the peak of the ears ought to nonetheless be near the gap between the higher ends of the eyes and the underside of the nostril

For the choice placement of the in addition to drawing their internal particulars see:

Step 9 — Draw the Entrance of the Hair

Anime vampire Girl hair entrance drawing

The method for drawing the hair will likely be to separate it up into three components. These are the

  • Entrance Hair Part — proven in purple
  • Facet Hair Sections — proven in inexperienced
  • Again/Prime Hair Part — proven in blue

For this coiffure start with the entrance part. Draw it as just about one huge clump that splits in two close to the top as proven within the instance.

Step 10 — Draw the Sides of the Hair

Anime vampire Girl hair sides drawing

Add the aspect part “hugging” the face once more every beginning with one huge form that splits up close to the ends.

Step 11 — Draw the Again/Prime of the Hair

Anime vampire Girl hair again drawing

Lastly add the again part of the hair with it’s high half considerably following the form of the pinnacle, then getting wider across the neck and eventually going behind the shoulders.

You can even draw some small clumps protruding of it to make the hair look just a little bit extra pure/messy.

Step 12 — Draw the Smaller Particulars of the Face

Anime vampire Girl define drawing

At this stage be sure that every part is in the suitable place (verify the proportions). Afterwards clear up the drawing by erasing the components of the pinnacle that must be coated by the hair.

Step 13 — Draw the Smaller Particulars of the Face

Anime vampire Girl particulars drawing

Now add the smaller particulars. Particularly these must be the smaller components of the eyes (together with a touch of the eyelids), the hair folds and the collar bones.

Anime vampire Girl eyes drawing step-by-step

You may see a bigger step-by-step drawing of the eyes within the instance above. You may nonetheless maintain off on the coloring/shading half till you get to steps 15 and 16.

When drawing the pupils make them pretty tall and slender in order that the eyes are a bit “cat like”.

Step 14 — Including Equipment

Anime vampire Girl garments drawing

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You may give the character some equipment to additional emphasize that she’s a vampire.

On this case it is going to be a band bat formed necklace/pendant. You can even add a touch of her garments in addition to a band across the neck as proven within the instance.

When you end including the equipment you’ll be able to darken your traces by both tracing over them in pencil or utilizing a again pen/marker. If going with the latter watch out to not make a mistake.

Step 15 — Add Coloration

Anime vampire Girl coloring

This primary coloration scheme for this character will just about be purple/pink an black as these colours go very nicely with the theme of vampires.

You may just about fill every space of the drawing with one strong corresponding coloration. Go away the highlights within the eyes white. You may depart the highlights within the hair white or shade them in very flippantly with the identical coloration because the hair.

One different small particulars that you’ll want to add when coloring is the underside lip. Create this with a light-weight purple/pink with out giving it a darkish define. Drawing lips on this method is quite common in anime/manga.

Step 16 — Add Shading

Anime vampire Girl shading

This specific character occurs to look fairly good with even simply the bottom colours however if you wish to go a bit additional you may as well add some easy shading.

As with different related tutorials on this website the shading will likely be completed in a really generalized method the place shadows will merely be added to areas the place shadow usually tend to type in frequent lighting circumstances comparable to a nicely lit room.

Add shadows within the following locations:

  • Tiny shadows across the eyelids
  • Small shadows from the eyelashes excessive a part of the eyes
  • Shadows on the face from the hair
  • Shadow on the neck from the pinnacle
  • Shaded space on the internal/again part of the hair

Bat pendant drawing

When shading the pendant go over most of it with a darker coloration however depart a small spotlight space on the high. You may see an in depth up drawing of it above.

A simple strategy to create these if drawing on paper is to easily go over these areas of the drawing with a daily pencil.

As soon as completed with the shadows try to be just about completed with this tutorial however you’ll be able to see some extra content material under.

Hair Coloration Variations

This character also can look good with the hair colours proven under:

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Anime vampire Girl blonde hair drawing

Blonde is one other hair coloration that may go nicely with this character. It’s additionally pretty frequent for anime vampires.

Anime vampire Girl white hair drawing

You can even make the hair white or platinum blonde (no highlights).

Expressions & Enamel/Fangs Drawing

For some facial expressions a personality like this will have that present enamel you’ll be able to see the 2 under.

Anime critical vampire Girl drawing

This primary one is barely offended/critical (although not overly so). For this expression draw the eyebrows lowered and the eyes barely squinted. Draw the mouth in a form of “smile” with the 2 fangs on either side (a bigger drawing of the mouth is proven additional down).

Anime playful vampire Girl drawing

This second one is extra playful. A form of “Oh actually?” expression. For this instance draw the eyebrows raised (notably their internal ends) and the eyes barely squinted.

Anime vampire Girl enamel and mouth drawing

You may see an in depth up drawing of the enamel in comparison with the closed mouth within the instance above. If you wish to preserve the character wanting “fairly” draw the fangs pretty small. You may give only a trace of the opposite enamel with a form of damaged up curve (once more as proven in above instance).


This tutorial confirmed how to attract a reasonably cute vampire Girl in addition to some ideas as to the right way to give her a touch of persona. You may in fact experiment for your self with different coloration combos, facial expressions and equipment. Merely consider what matches the character.

It has always been my endeavor that I should always help my readers from all sides, if you people have any doubts of any kind, then you can feel free to ask me.

I will definitely try to solve those doubts. How did you like this article How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners or Anime Vampire Girl Draw for beginners, do tell us by writing a comment so that we too get a chance to learn something from your ideas and improve something.

We hope the How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step for beginners help you. If you have any query regarding Best way How to Draw an Anime Vampire Girl Step by Step, drop a comment below and we will get back to you at the earliest.



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